What hiring NP Voiceover includes:

  • Professional recording facility 
  • Highest quality recording equipment including Neumann U87 microphone
  • Professional award winning voice actor (ensures articulate & engaging product)
  • Pre-recording tone and pace check (voice actor provides 3 short sample readings in different tones that the client then can choose or direct, to achieve the tone and pace desired)
  • Additional script proofing 
  • Professional audio engineer (ensures highest quality recording)
  • Professionally edited audio (superior user experience)
  • Fast and efficient turn around 
  • Re-recording of minor revisions 
  • Delivery in any file format needed from Wave, AIF, Mp3, etc.

NP Voiceover has teamed up with Award winning Professional Audio Engineer and Producer Kevin Hoskin.  Kevin has worked across music, film, television, internet, new media, and radio with such industry luminaries as Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Ocean Productions, RedBull Media House, Bell Media, Shaw Media, Rogers Communications, Bill Kennedy (Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, U2), Garth Richardson (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Nickelback), Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica), Greg Calbi (Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, Paul Simon), and Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), to name a few.